Causes of USB Flash Drive Data Loss Tips to Recover Them on Windows OS

Every one of choosing aware of USB flash drives because of high convenience and user-friendly design. We make use of this device often to keep and transfer data derived from one computer to another. It is amazingly easy to use as you merely require to insert it in the USB port of the PC or laptop to copy data about it from your hard drive without hassles.

Moreover, this can be carried easily without taking up much space which can be again one of its key advantages.   For those who haven’t ever used a memory stick, it will pay to say that it’s a very handy device to take back the document, paper, or report that you might have created.

To do this you’ve to simply fire up your Flash drive into the USB port. You would discover the USB port at the rear of a desktop computer or to the side of a laptop.   After being inserted into the system memory stick looks like a different drive icon combined with the list of other drives.

Most of us, use this drive to store media files like music or video files because flash drives can be taken anywhere without difficulty. Thus you’ll be able to share or show these media contents to your friend on any other computer.   In a nutshell, a thumb drive is indispensable in the present environment because of its high portability and simple to use features. But as well as encountered a scenario when you’ve lost data stored inside Flash drive? It may happen as a result of many reasons including virus infections.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the issues of internet data loss and the best possible ways to extract the lost files.   Flash Drive Data Loss   Causes   There are various causes due to which you lose files from your memory stick. You feel highly perturbed when you lose photos, music, video as well as other digital files stored around the drive and also you don’t have a way to recover them.

Some of the causes are:  

Virus infection

Viruses remain the key reason behind such lack of files out of your memory stick. It contracts infection if inserted right into a computer which is infected and therefore causes data loss. In most cases, files stored on the thumb drive get deleted or corrupted because viruses very often travel through an infected PC or laptop.

Accidental deletion of files

You can probably lose files due to lost or forgotten password when the drive is locked or password protected. Furthermore, extreme heat/cold, fire, water, accidents could physically damage the drive and cause a loss in files.

How to extract the lost flash drive data?

In case of a data loss, the very first thing you need to do is to stop storing any new data because the older you might be overwritten by the new data. In this case, you will be losing your old data permanently.

The first step after you suffer data loss using your USB flash drive is always to look for online recovery software. There is plenty of recovery software that will help recover the lost data. Reliable and efficient software that will help you recover the lost information is uFlysoft Photo Recovery for Windows. This is suggested by many recovery experts because of its high effectiveness and simplicity to use feature. This falls within the category of all-in-one media files recovery tool intended for thumb drive file recovery.

Below mentioned are step-by-step instructions to employ this software and recover lost data:  

First of all, install the recovery tool on your computer. The application stated previously is provided for free to download and free scan application, thus you need not concern yourself with the price.

  • Launch the approval, when you install it successfully.
  • Now connect your USB flash drive to a computer after which select it and click on ‘Scan’.In case you want to extract the lost files inside your hard drive, select it after which start the scanning ends click ‘Recover’ then choose the path in places you want the recovered media files being stored. You should avoid storing the recovered files within the path that you had lost them these steps will be carried out in just a couple of minutes.
  • Once they are gone, you will start recovering your lost USB flash drive data which will be restored within inside next couple of minutes.